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Default Re: Linux GTX 675M support

Originally Posted by DanielVS View Post
Ok Gusar, I've found this post (_ which reports a working IVB+nvidia under linux with bumblebee. But is it a *guarantee* that any other IVB+nvidia will work?
There is nothing special about IVB, that was the point of my previous post. So *all* IVB+nvidia will work with Bumblebee. That the 675M currently doesn't is a separate issue from IVB or Optimus, it doesn't work because it's too new, but like I said, for sure the next driver will add support.

Though, can anyone actually confirm it doesn't work? I assumed it doesn't because it's not on the list of either the stable or beta drivers. But the 650M at that link you gave isn't on those lists either. So maybe the 675M already works, the lists are just incomplete currently.

Originally Posted by DanielVS View Post
The fact that nvidia doesn't _mandate_ a bios/efi switch is enough excuse to blame them.
Well, this is how I see it: Why would they mandate it, when the point is to operate without it. And it simplifies the hardware design when you can just statically wire up the chips and that's it.
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