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Default Re: Linux GTX 675M support

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
Why would they mandate it, when the point is to operate without it. And it simplifies the hardware design when you can just statically wire up the chips and that's it.
My bad, I didn't write everything... I agree with you, as what you mentioned is the very purpose of optimus.

My point is that nvidia doesn't make clear in the docs (support, website, etc..) that under linux it is not a matter of installing the driver and you're good to go.

If they can't make their driver work, for whatever reason, I only see two ways to go: mandate the switch, or say out loud that the linux support they provide is _crap_ (ok, 'user-dependent' or 'must rely on 3rd party tools' would be more politically correct). The fact they didn't do either is reason to blame.

At least, some nb makers are using the switch in certain models (lenovo's workstation is, but its snb, not ivb).
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