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Default Re: Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Beta

Counterstrike is viewed by many gamers as being an "esport" as such it shouldn't have any overarching changes. Just as in other sports, the game must be kept consistent. We don't go changing the rules to Football or Cricket every season just for the sake of making a new game.

The evolution of the casual game in CS:GO, along with the mild tweaking and graphical updates in the core "Competitive" mode fit with the theme of consistency in sport.

I, personally, am loving the beta, wish the servers were more full. Though to me it is a worthy update to CS:S and brings back some 1.6 feel to it too (more wall-banging ftw). Though I am viewing the game from the point of view of someone who played 1.6 and CSS at a high level for years, so I can't speak for the casual gamer who may look for a different experience.

From what I can gather the "look" of CS:GO is deliberately clean and simple, this is because in CS it should be easy enough to spot enemies on a map, there should not be too much clutter and details making targets hard to find. The difficulty in CS is not provided by camouflage and hard to spot enemies.
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