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Default Mandrake 9.0 and Nvidia 1.0-3123 FINALLY!!!! Now for a question.

Well that only took 2 days for my Linux stupid **s.

So here's what happened. After reading this form I relized I needed to install my kernel source. Well with that installed I was starting to feel alittle better. So I D/L the NVIDIA_kernel rpm, and the GLX rpm.

log in as root
run command rpm --rebuild NVIDIA (you get the idea)

Error Dir usr/lib/rpm/rpmb does not exist

Well damn so I create the Dir and re run the build command.

Error Access Denied (WTF I'm logged in as root)

So ok I d/l the tar file for the kernel.

Unpack it, run make install and away it goes (THANK YOU THERE IS A GOD)

Go to run the GLX rpm, error must have kernel installed (WTF I just installed it)

ok d/l the stupid GLX tar file, unpack it, make install. It installs. I edit my config file for the new NVIDIA driver and reboot.

FINALLY the Nvidia Splash screen appears. My rez is cranked up to 1280x1024 I think cause it's so damn tiny I can't read it, No problem goto control pannel change colors and rez, reboot I'm back up to my old rez.

NOW for the question, other than the splash screen and running glxgears (BTW I ran it and it gave me some outrageous FPS 2000+) is there any commands to run to truly see if the device drivers are running correctly or should I not look a gift horse in the mouth.

P.S. I know for some this post was probally boring as hell, but as you can tell I'm am a total Linux Noob.

Thanks for reading.
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