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Post Warface E3 trailer shoots your misconceptions about free to play IN THE FACE

Warface is Crytek and Trion's inbound free-to-play shooter that boasts triple-A production values and already has a million subscribers in Russia. The new trailer hoists up common assumptions/things no-one has ever actually said ' like 'world class graphics are never free' and 'social and shooter don't mix' ' before proving them wrong with BULLETS. See below for a tonne of new screenshots.

It's all looking very slick and exciting, with enough DNA of its own despite the clear influence of Call of Duty and Battlefield. I like the part where, after a long montage of headshots, a sniper shoots a pumpkin. Presumably, that guy was a vegetarian.

Warface beta signups are available now on the official site. It's not to be confused with Wharf Ace, a dock management game that I just made up. It's also not to be confused with Worf Face, which is this.

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