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Default Re: Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage

I played the beta, it's definitely a fun game. I'm actually impressed by all of the graphics options they have. AO, MLAA, FXAA, bloom are all in there. The beta didn't run so hot with all of them enabled but once I turned off AO and MLAA it seemed a lot better.

One of the devs said on the forums that the final game has much better performance than the beta, and they wanted to remove the beta downloads because it would detract from how much better the game is now.

This game really is death rally in 3d, you can clearly pull the resemblances from the cars. Also the really poor handling of the default car leads me to believe there are tire upgrades which will eventually make the car feel like it's on rails.

NO FFB support yet, but it sounds like they are going to be adding it. Also they are considering having bots for MP, which would be a good thing if you just had a couple of people who wanted to play together.

You can add me to the list cause I will for sure get this. At $32 it's definitely a great title.

EDIT: Where did you guys purchase your copy from? I'm wondering if you get it from say gamefly if it doesn't require you to have an app running 24/7 to play the game. I asked on their forums and one person said they thought that if you got it from origin you would need to be signed into it to play the game.
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