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Default How to ensure that nvidia-settings have been loaded?


Our company plans to build media server box. The box has nVidia GTS 450 video card and runs Ubuntu.

The media server box is configured by us at the factory and sent to the end user, an operator who does not have any computer knowledge.

The media server has two displays attached to it running two different x-server sessions. At factory, we make sure that "sync to vblank" setting is enabled. The resulting .nvidia-settings.rc is saved in operator's home directory.

When I log in as operator and run nvidia-settings, I can see that my vblank settings are preserved. However, the actual operator will not be running nvidia-settings. In this case, how do I make sure that nvidia-settings are indeed loaded?

A post on a forum suggests add "nvidia-settings -l" to profile. Can someone please verify if this is what needs to be done? Also, is there a way to check if "vblank" settings are enabled without really running nvidia-settings?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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