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Default Re: Windows 8 Release Preview

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
i will be installing hackintosh in 2-3 months, and if this still continues to be the case with windows by windows 9, then yes i will be switching
A hackintosh will be a fun project. I've tinkered with a G3, a G5, a MBP and a Mac Pro. It's nice to see some of the alternatives and there might be things you like about it. Where I have the biggest issue with OS X when you find something you don't like about it. The workarounds are far more extravagant than a couple of registry changes to make it how you want it. Mouse doesn't work right? Need a buy a 3rd party app to fix the acceleration curve so it's even usable. Don't like the startup sound? Too bad. Use a script to mute the sound on shutdown and after startup return it to the normal volume setting. For your hackintosh you'll have to make sure you get parts that have kext files for them, because there are no "drivers" to load. The one thing that really drives me nuts is the lack of a real maximize button. You are constantly resizing windows to try to fill the screen. I quickly miss the bump to maximize or to a half screen like you can on Windows 7. After playing around with the box for a while I think you will get tired of trying to find ways to "fix" things to your liking, and go back to windows.

Probably the best feature OS X has is time machine. Windows backup is getting much closer but I haven't had time to test it out to see how well it works. If you like multiple desktops, then expose might be of interest to you. I never use them so it doesn't add anything for me. Itunes on OS X is better than it is on Windows, but if you are using WMP for media extending I don't think there is a feature like that. Sadly Firefox seems to be worse on OS X IMO, and I would rather use Safari even though I've run into issues using that on occasion.

I think you will have fun playing around with your hackintosh, but for your daily use pc it might come up a bit short.
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