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Default Re: 302.07 no resume from suspend

Thanks, but unfortunately no improvement.

Kernel options in use: "quiet splash nomodeset vga=normal fb=false"

New bug report attached.


Originally Posted by danix View Post
Hi folks,

We have been able to reproduce a difference in functionality between the 295 and 302 drivers as described in this thread (display is black after suspend/resume in 302 and is fine in 295); however, we are only able to reproduce this symptom when running with a framebuffer console. The NVIDIA driver requires that the primary display device drive a VGA text console; non-VGA consoles are not supported.

While reviewing the nvidia-bug-report.log files attached to this thread so far, we noticed that most people appeared to be using framebuffer consoles. Those who were not using framebuffer consoles seemed to be reporting slightly different symptoms than the main issue described in this thread. Please try disabling any active framebuffer consoles: you can usually do this by adding "vga=0" or "vga=normal" to your kernel's command line in your bootloader configuration. Please report on whether this resolves your issue; if it does not, please provide an updated nvidia-bug-report.log file.

If you are experiencing any issue other than "when using a non-VGA console, suspend works fine, and resume hangs with a black screen using 302 drivers but worked correctly in 295 and earlier drivers", please start a separate thread for your issue.
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