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Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
lightroom on your phone? same games on all your devices? so Max Payne 3 on your phone?

What's wrong with wanting that? Carrying around a tablet is much easier than a laptop obviously so why would you not want full fledged apps on them?

Since I do some photography, there are no apps to process, edit and convert RAW image files. The only app that comes close to Photoshop is Snapseed (the apps I've tested so far) and it does an alright job. A Windows 8 tablet appeals in this category because I can simply get the same apps I already have but on a tablet.

What about gaming? Again, why would you not want full fledged games on them? Yes, I agree touchscreen can be horrible for games but a keyboard/mouse option would be grand, or heck, even a controller. Zoomy makes fun of me because I want full games with controller support on my iPad lol. OnLive makes a BT controller already so it's not impossible.

Windows 8 does get one thing right: syncing your apps and preferences across all your devices so you get the same experience. I will love the day where I can surf the web on my tablet and pick up right where I left off on my MBP or Desktop PC. Same thing for games and anything else available to me. Many people like Google Chrome (you can open open tabs on another machine now) and others are getting closer but its time to unify these ideas!
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