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Default Re: Windows 8 Release Preview

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Window zooming on Mac is different. It will try and analyse the app or webpage you are on and maximise so there is no white or blank space. It seems clever, but I do like to have some apps full screen, just to minimise eye strain and distractions.
That's interesting. At least there is a method to the madness. I'm not so sure that it works correctly as some sites and programs will just stretch and fill the screen accordingly. Like this site when I full screen I can turn a block of text into 2 lines. It becomes a lot easier to read because you won't lose your place in the wall of text.

@Six: For apps I would love to have inssider as all of the wifi detection programs I've seen are so so. (would be equally great on a tablet) Fraps would be another obvious tool that works great on the desktop, and could be pretty useful if it would work out of the box on the phone. Openvpn, paint .net, teamspeak, vmware client.

I'm actually kind of interested in the Asus tablet that was x86 based. That could be a killer product if it was at the right price point. It would be like having a netbook that was actually powerful, yet the keyboard detached for tablet usage. On top of that having a touch screen with metro UI would make it a lot easier to use than a netbook because the touchscreen would work a lot better than the cheap touchpads do. No need to wait for a specific app to show up as you could just run all of your favorite programs.
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