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Default Re: Windows 8 Release Preview

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I guess you didn't get the memo that OS X is a "window based" system
It works differently but it's actually really great to work like that, especially for multi-tasking and multi-monitor usage. Professional software usually profits the most from it. I just wish that Apple would make it Cmd+Tab more like Windows 7's Alt+Tab with the little window previews. Apple has Exposť for that but it'd like to have an improved Cmd+Tab as well.
If you like maximized windows, you should try the new fullscreen modes. It's not only a maximized window, it's a whole new interface specifically designed for fullscreen operation. Great for smaller screens on mobile devices.
But I'm such a fan of the window based approach, I don't see the appeal of using the fullscreen mode.

About the snapping window resizing of Windows 7, there is an app for that as well
Hmm is that a new feature in Lion? I haven't loaded it on my machine yet.
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