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Default Re: Windows 8 Release Preview

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I agree with what you are saying for the most part. However, I'm looking more towards the future when tablets have way better hardware and are able to do heavy things like photo editing. I'm also looking at light gaming for tablets as well, not the watered down games we have now on mobile devices. I would like to try StarCraft 1 and 2 on a touchscreen at some point but we don't have that choice; maybe with a Win8 tablet one day?
problem with looking towards the future, is that while tablets will advance, everything else will not stay at current level, desktops will get even more faster, digital images will increase in MP, Canon already has 100mp sensors made. video will go to 4k and 8k, and tablets again will be the weak link. Starcraft can work (performance wise) on current laptops, if only blizzard woud port it, but i still don't want to see future games castrated just so its the same game across all platforms.

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I'm not a professional photographer (just a hobby) but it would be nice to make my adjustments and such on a tablet if I choose to do so. It doesn't seem that impossible to me in another couple of years.
again, i don't want to see programs i love to use like photoshop and lightroom to be castrated because someone wants to use them on tablet. you can't fit photoshop or lightroom on tablet screen and keep interface in tack, making everything bigger is not a options, because it would take you hours to go though all the options, what you need is simple software thats made for tablet, leave the software that pros use alone, don't dumb it down. touch interface simply will not work with it.
Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
However, I do agree that the small screen would get old after a while. I love photo and video editing on my MBP but again, it would be nice to have the option to use my tablet instead of carrying the MBP around.

Power users will always prefer to use desktops and laptops, simple users will revert to easier choices such as tablets and phones. I like to stay in the middle and use them all, but I would like more unity between all of my devices. Just my two cents.

like slawter said, desktop and post-pc devices like tablets are in entirelly different categories, and what MS is doing in trying to merge them is just insane.
Windows 8 the next big failure, right after Windows ME
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