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Post The big problem with Microsoft's Flash whitelist

Enlarge / Who wouldn't want to click on that advertisement?

I was taking a look through Windows 8's Video app and I noticed an advertisement for the new Adam Sandler movie,That's My Boy, which takes a look at the lighter side of, uh, statutory rape (he fathers a son in his early teens with a schoolteacher). Curious as to just how they could make a comedy from such an unlikely premise, I clicked the ad.

I am on the edge of my seat. I literally cannot wait to find out about this excellent movie.

The ad opened up the film's website in the Metro-style Internet Explorer browser; this will be the default on any Windows 8 machine. The site's homepage is just a splash screen; you have to click through to see the meat of the site. Which I did.


I was greeted with an essentially blank page saying that I need to have Flash installed.

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