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Default RHEL 5.6 .nvidia-settings-rc settings un-applied on screen lock

As per the title I am having an issue where by I lock the screen and the settings saved in nvidia-settings are lost specifically the contrast and gamma value that I am interested in setting.

I would really appreciate any help in solving this, the system spec is as follows.

HP Z400 - Quadro 2000

Driver is 280.13

The .nvidia-settings-rc file still retains the correct values they just seem to be un-applied on locking of the screen.

Due to my circumstances, the driver and system cannot be updated, however a work around would even be nice without me having to type nvidia-settings -l each time I unlock the screen. (or a full fix would be ideal!).

FYI the monitors contrast setting dont appear to adjust contrast just brightness hence me needing to do it here


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