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Exclamation Re: NVIDIA Driver 295.53 installs into kernel 3.4 without a patch!

Weirdness by my Tumbleweed kernel 3.4 compiling 295.53 x86_64 blob goes ok
But when i start X , either with xinit startx or just init5 > kdm always a black screen and a _
in the leftupper corner after 10 seconds my monitor goes off + powerdown
And the whole system hangs no release possible tru ssh or magickeys , only a reset helps
no_kms_initrd=yes , remade initrd so no nouveau loaded during boot (else nvidia wont be loaded anyways)

And only a halfway Xorg.log kicking out after remark

[ 1268.273] (II) NVIDIA: Using 768.00 MB of virtual memory for indirect memory access.
[ 1271.281] (II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "1024x768+0+0"

While after a second compile 295.53 and kernel 3.1.10 from opensuse12.1 on Tumbleweed
just works perfect (even my kernel-compile-3.1.10 with 295.53 inserted for test works)
Stupidly i didnt saved the older 3.3 kernel , else i might have given that a shot

Ok can use sgtb and sakc for that but wanna use 3.4 kernel
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