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Default Re: iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note? Which should I go for.....

Pointless to ask here imo, since people will pretty much just recommend what they have, Apple fanboys recommend iPhones, Android fanboys will recommend S3. In the end, it's best for you to go to the store and spend 15-20 minutes with each phone. Personally, I prefer Android. More options, more control, more customization.

Don't listen to all the Android stability complaints. Those are from people who had bad experiences with very old devices and crappy manufacturer support. Android ICS (4.x) is polished, smooth, and stable, and that's what you'll get on the S3.

Originally Posted by MUYA
So, I am actually open to going back to Samsung....but in all honesty, I can't decide. I don't know if I can get any decent Android games like I can on iPhone.
Android phones make up a considerable market share now. Practically all major games are available on both platforms. Also, Android emulators have amazing performance. You will never see emulators on iOS.
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