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Default Re: Windows 8 Release Preview

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I use my iPad everyday.
I see a tablet strictly as a consuming device. It's not good for productive tasks.
Reading news for example is quite nice on the iPad. Apps like Flipboard are brilliant and make that task a really nice experience. Even reading stuff in Safari is enjoyable.

I don't use it for productive stuff. It's not made for that. Casual games are nice on a tablet but not my thing either.

I don't even use it for E-Mail or iMessage. I do that stuff on my Mac Pro. A computer is simply better for that, easier and faster to type on.
I do enjoy FlipBoard, but the thing that still rings in my head is "Wow, I've spent $350 on a tablet just for reading and minor web surfing." Kinda bugs me.

Mountain Lion is going to enable Mac to ATV mirroring and that will be mega win. Not sure why I need an iPad anymore.

I agree that the iPad isn't much for productivity. I've really and honestly tried to use it for work purposes but it's only good for email, calendar and small items that my work iPhone already does.
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