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Default Re: 302.07 no resume from suspend

Thanks for the updated logs. A normal VGA console seems to be used in both of those cases. The only reproduction of this issue that we have internally so far requires a non-VGA console, so it looks like we'll have to try harder to reproduce this issue.

I realize that this is all very frustrating, but please understand that we have attempted to reproduce this on many systems, and so far, we've only been able to reproduce it on non-VGA consoles. We're getting close to finding a root cause for the regression in the fb console case, but if you are seeing this issue even with a VGA console, then we can't be sure whether the issues are related until we can get this issue to occur on a system with a VGA console as well.

Has anybody who is affected by this issue been able to confirm that switching to a VGA console *does* allow resume to complete successfully?
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