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Default Re: iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note? Which should I go for.....

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post

If S3's android will allow me to simply drag and drop / delete my files (mp3s and vids) as needed to and from my computer to the phone, then that to me will be a big big plus. Any android users would like to verify this please?

Battery life is though a major factor, the S3 has a huge ass battery but, the screen is also bigger...I have read reports that the battery life even in heavy usage all day (ie vid looping and web browsing) was 9-10 hours. On my iPhone 4, I have to give it perk me up charge at work...mid afternoon. All i would have done is listen to music through BT and occasional web surf.

So for me it probably will be S3...most likely..i have to look for reviews of S3 with GAMES!

PS- It also seems that cooked ROMs are already available for the S3 too!!
Then you DEFINITELY want an Android. When you plug the phone into your USB charger (hooked to PC), you get the option of
SYNC (FOr me it says HTC sync)

Choose Disk drive, and then you can start dragging dropping anything you want, not only mp3s or vids, but programs, games, apps, etc. I said games because I have downloaded a game demo from my phone (wifi) then take it home and put it on my PC.

Android 4 (Ice cream sandwich) has GREATLY improved battery life. The new HTC Evo 4G LTE has some reviews about going 3 days with moderate usage (on 2000mah battery). Normal everyday usage on 9to5 job people go home with 82% batt life left (I took these from android central forums).
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