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Default Re: iOS 6 Confirmed for WWDC

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I'm in the same boat. I barely use my MacBook Pro so getting a new one is kinda pointless.
But if they're bringing Retina Screens, it's going to though not to order one just to try it.

However, a 15" Air-like MacBook with Retina would be even nicer. According to rumors, they won't be releasing such a product just yet. But something like that will be my next mobile Mac, as long as they at least offer a SSD in the 480-512GB range (since OptiBays are not an option anymore).
Yes, a 15" MacBook Air with a decent GFX chip, Retina screen and 256GB+ of SSD would be AMAZING. That would make it hard for me not to sell my current machine and get one of those!

I'm looking forward to Mountain Lion as well. Even though they are small improvements, I really want to start using them, especially Mac to ATV Mirroring.
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