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Default nvidia g105m and archlinux

Sorry for my English (google translator)

I decided to try archlinux. There were two problems, one has decided. There was a problem with the video card g105m. I have a laptop samsung r519-js01. He would put archlinux on instructions from the Arch wiki. Just decided to install a proprietary driver nvidia. After installation and reboot then go to instruction (pacman-S xorg-twm xorg-xclock xterm dbus). Then he ran startx and flew mnya jambs.

This is what came today.
Lxde installed and ran it. It worked, but again appeared green pixels in different parts of the screen. I opened a terminal and entered glxgears
437 frames in 15.5 seconds = 28.134 FS

and then all hung, left again, only the mouse.

Here is the log

I recall that the open driver, everything works. And the same picture emerged from ubuntu 12.04
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