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Default problems with drivers after 295.40 (OpenSuSE 12.1, GeFroce 7900 GS, Phenom II X4)


Just quick question/report: after some time (over a month) of neglecting Civ4 i tried to run it today... but even the intros were terribly "choppy" (on 7900 GS and Phenom II X4). I suspected problems with WinE but the "Tropico" demo also was running... well, not running at all - one can't describe fps below 1 as "running"

Worse: Civ4 caused a "hard reset" of the whole computer! (first time I had a hard reset in years)

I tried installing new driver 295.53 (I had 295.49 from standard RPMs) - the same result (with few hard restarts included with Civ4).

glxinfo insists hardware acceleration is ON

Only after returning to 295.40 everything started working perfectly again.

I didn't try the beta version yet.

Anybody else had similar problems?

PS: as it is very late (here) I won't be reinstalling the "bad" drivers to create bug report until I get some sleep
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