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Post The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for rest and recuperation. Or that's the fantasy. In reality you are just fighting on another front, in a different kind of war. Perhaps you will get just enough downtime to read some of what has been written about your beloved videogames. Or perhaps not.

  • There have been many dismissive pieces of writing regarding this year's E3, but I was surprised to see Gamasutra editor Kris Graft adding his voice to the anti-E3 choir: 'Go to E3 and try to identify trends, you'll soon realize that you're looking into the past. E3 2012 could've been E3 2006. It is a museum without the informative placards. It's an archaeologist's dream. It's a reality show starring a washed-up rockstar. It's old gameplay. Old themes. A parade of old business models meant to pacify retailers, patting them on the head to assure them that they will be as relevant five years from now as they are today. E3 2012 was a fool's circus, more than any other E3 that I've been to. It insulted my intelligence, and insulted my enthusiasm for video games.' (moreā?¦)

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