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Default Re: Epic Reveals First Details of Unreal Engine 4

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
It was running on a high end machine, it was a tech demo.

The texture quality looks on par with what we have now, why not show the capabilities of the engine? It brings the whole thing down, a lot.

People don't care how much realtime this things is, because for most of them, it's hard to tell. Better textures on the other hand make a lot of difference.

Also, UE3 had trouble with compressing textures too much, so it didn't matter how good they were.
This is pretty much my stance- it didn't show anything that CryEngine can't do. There was nothing new there that "wowed" me. I guess if you're primarily playing on consoles this could be impressive, but we've seen comparable on PC for years now. Maybe not enough to say it's the norm- but it's not new for PC gaming that's for certain.

However I don't doubt the capabilities of the engine- I'm sure as hardware progresses it'll allow the engine to really shine. I'm also suspecting they're trying to give an idea of what the engine will be capable of on next gen consoles, not the PC side.
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