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Default Re: NVidia 96.xx.xx & 173.xx.xx Legacy drivers donít work in Ubuntu 12.04

I've got a GeForce 6200 in an old Dell Demension 4550 w/the new nvidia driver 295.53 w/Ubuntu 12.04 unity 3d. This old computer is working better then it has in a long time. At the same time, I've got a Systemax w/AMD Athlon 64 w/GeForce 7200 GS, upgraded it to 12.04 and all desktop failed, no launcher, no top panel, no terminal,just a few folders that where not there before(11.10). I had to go back to 11.10 where I could have a working computer. After going back to 11.10, I installed the new nvidia driver 295.53, and that driver works w/11.10. I've tried to run the live cd of 12.04,but the screen (monitor)turns off because of no signal,so,I cann't even try 12.04 on a live cd. I have 2 HP laptops, 1 w/ATI video card and the other w/nvidia, both are working w/o any problems w/12.04 installed. The first Ubuntu version on the AMD machine was 64 bit when I tried to upgrade to 12.04,since,I insatlled the 32 bit of 11.10.
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