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Default HDMI overscan fix for multiple resolutions + Zod Engine Problem.

So far its not that bad to fix overscan for one resolution with driver 302.07. The problem is when an application changes the resolution of the screen, there will likely be over or underscan again. When a utility is finally completed for fixing over/underscan please keep in mind that it should allow you to set the correct overscan for any resolution used and save that setting, so the next time an application changes the resolution it already has the correct info to fix the overscan.

Also I noticed with a native linux game, Zod Engine, if you set the correct overscan setting and launch the game with that same resolution, overscan will show again.

I try to play at 640x480 so the game looks like it did in '96. After using the modeline to set the correct overscan, you launch the game at 640x480 in the game launcher and there will be large black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. What is strange is the horizontal overscan setting seems to work fine when running the game, it is the vertical component that does not seem to work right when running this game in fullscreen.

I would upload my bug report but it is 349 kb, the limit is 146 kb.
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