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Default Re: Dedicated Home Theater Room

I am slightly over 99% of the way done, so I figured I would show some almost finished pics. You can see the entire build thread here:

You can see the design thread for the ceiling track (holding the plasma TV) here:

Some eye candy:

All I need to do is finish putting putty in the trim holes, do some touch up painting, and put up a permanent black out blind (I have a $5 paper one in right now - works GREAT though). The white speaker cables at the front of the room are going to be shortened and painted black - I am worn out from moving the AVR and speakers to the basement so I will do it another day.

The TV mount you see near the wall is my DIY Ceiling Track setup for the Plasma TV. Playing the Wii and doing Exercise Videos are impossible with the projector due to your head being in the picture. I looked for a track kit and found one for a scant $4000, unmotorized. Well, if I had that kind of money just sitting around I would have a new AVR, so my friend and I designed it, reverse engineering the expensive one. Total price, slightly under $400. Once I clean up my DIY thread I will post a link to it to show exactly what was done and what is needed for anyone else who wants to do it. You can twist the TV to keep it flat against the wall, then pull it to the center of the room and twist it 90 degrees to view it properly.

Here are some pics of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, when they are jumping out of the Osprey's over Chicago in their flying squirrel outfits.

Here is a good picture of the Steelers Logo, looking directly down onto it:
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