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Default Re: Linux GTX 675M support

Hi guys, I had been going to purchase a Sager/Clevo with 675 graphics but have just gotten a Samsung G700 instead due to their great vat-back deal.

Anyways, I had absolutely no idea about the entire Optimus thing until I received my laptop yesterday and installed Mint 13 (Cinammon edition). Surprisingly everything important worked immmediately and that included 3d via Nouveau (I don't play games though so didn't test that).

I then went to install the native NVidia driver and started finding out about Optimus. However I looked at their website for beta drivers and they had just released 295.59 which mentioned support for the 675M so I downloaded that, installed and it appears to be working fine.

All I've done so far is install extreme tuxracer as a quick test and whacked all its settings up to the max and it played with no issues. Any ideas as to how I can test whether it's working properly (changing load as required?) as it sure seems it to me ?

There is a section called PowerMizer in the Nvidia X Server Settings app where I can change from Adaptive to Max Performance which maybe indicates that Optimus will actually work ?

Excuse me if I'm being really dumb, I haven't ever had a proper gpu until now !
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