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Default Video Editor Question

I'm working with a Minister (Rev. Bob Walker) that wants to put his sermons on the Web and Radio so I need a better editing solution. What I've been doing is create an un-compressed AVI file and use VirtualDub to edit it. The videos are taken using a low cost hand held HD camera that outputs video at 1280x720 30fps in MP4 format. The video is okay but I want a better way to edit it. After I edit the videos I create XVID and FLV files for DVDs and the Web. I need frame accurate cutting and fade-in and fade-out video, and if the package also did audio fade-in and fade-out that would be good too. So if anyone has a suggestion on a new editor I'd really appreciate it.

Drop by the website I created for him here.

Or you can hear his latest sermon on YouTube.

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