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Originally posted by pelly
After making the heatsink flat enough to touch the core and using some thermal finally worked...who would have guessed...
Can I assume you will make this point very clear in your review so others who might be having problems can see this as a possible solution?

Another couple things if you're able to do them:

- DVD quality/playback performance on software other than ATI's own. This was a major concern for me with my old Gigabyte 8500 because PowerDVD XP hardly worked with while ATI's own DVD player worked beautifully. This would be especially pertinent for people who buy non-Made by ATI cards.

- A dual display comparison between the latest versions of Hydravision and nView.

- OpenGL benchmarks that do not include Quake 3. Q3 engine games (Jedi Knight II, MOHAA, SoF II) are perfectly acceptable in my book, though.

This stuff is pretty much strem of consciousness writing so if I'm not making sense, please ask and I'll clarify. Further, if any of this won't work for you, let me know.
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