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Default Heads up for anyone looking at a Z77 motherboard

I had purchased a DZ77GA-70K board for my setup. Their board seems a bit flaky right now but I think they might be able to fix some of those issues. The real problem is that my TV tuner card would not be recognized in any of the PCI-E slots. (HVR-2250) I'm not the only one having issues with this board as well as other boards. I'm willing to bet that it's related to having Lucid Virtual MP on the board, because all of the boards where I've seen people complaining have that on them. I was able to test the tuner card in a MSI Z77A-G43 which does not have Lucid onboard. The card worked just fine like it did in every other computer I've used it in.

Intel support is completely useless but I'm wondering when another company might be able to reproduce this issue and solve it. Till then I'm probably going to pick up that MSI board or something that doesn't have lucid on it.
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