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Default Re: iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note? Which should I go for.....

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Do you drive a moped or is the fuel that cheap in the US?

I couldn't even get a 1/4 filled with $45.
Lexus ES300.

The tank wasn't completely empty though, I think I put 14 gallons into it and it holds 16.

I never let the fuel tank get below about 2-3 gallons left because you can ruin the fuel pump that way (this applies to pretty much any car.)

I end up doing a lot of grocery shopping at fry's since they're right around the corner (and the food is priced well) and usually by the time I need to re-fuel (once a month or so) I've bought enough groceries to get 20 cents off per gallon (which is usable at nearly any gas station around here, arco being a notable exception.)

I think last time I bought gas it ended up being about $3.20 per gallon. In your terms that would be about 83 cents per liter.
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