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Post New DLC Available: Jagged Alliance - Back in Action: Point Blank DLC

Point Blank, new content for Jagged Alliance - Back in Action is Now Available on Steam.

It┬?s a mano-a-mano, merc vs merc in an all-out-war in this action-packed DLC for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action! A group of private mercenaries has captured American ambassador John Gaiden and it┬?s up to your team to rescue him. Hired by Rygor Manson, a renegade CIA agent, these deadly mercs aim to plunge the government into chaos! You┬?ve hired Gus Tarballs, Robert James ┬?Scully┬? Sullivan and Donna ┬?Spider┬? Housten and sent them on their way into the government district to bring back the ambassador. Will you manage to lead them to victory and put an end to Manson┬?s terror?

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