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Default Re: iOS 6 Confirmed for WWDC

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
I've worked on pcs for the last 6 years and 90% of the laptops I've ever torn apart have all had integrated gfx cards. Past the ram, hdd, and disc drive, you won't be changing many of the internals on any laptop. Possibly a bad inverter or LCD cable every now and then but that's usually in a cheap pos Acer.
This. When something like a display goes out on someone's laptop, I always tell them to buy a new laptop unless it's under warranty. 90% of the time it's a POS Acer so they will of course, buy another $200 POS Acer.

Most laptops we deploy at work are never upgraded; they buy them beefed up and leave them until they are retired. With computer parts and warranties being so cheap nowadays, might as well let Dell do the dirty work or just buy another laptop.

As for Apple, I would buy AppleCare from Day 1. I should buy it for my MBP but then again, it's almost 2 years old. If it broke today, I'd just buy a new one, probably an Air.
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