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Default Re: Bite the pillow Verizon users, they're coming in dry!

Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
I have Sprint also with unlimited data. The thing is it would take you a month of constant downloading to hit 1GB of useage at their lousy 3G speeds.
That's an easy problem to fix: just change your PRL to hit verizon's towers, you'll get their speeds without paying their prices.

Oh wait, you have an iphone, nevermind, you can't do that without derpbreaking.

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I only use my cell phone as, well, a phone. I call people on it. Don't text, don't download anything.

I'm not too worried about this.
Well, you'll be able to drop your bill from $90 a month to $80 a month if you go from 1GB shared to 300MB shared.
Want to listen to audio without your computer going to sleep? Try this.

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