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Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
I did that for about 5 years as a formal job, even longer (since around 1998) as people just handed me their junk and said "fix it." I only quit recently because it's dead end and it's just the same old crap over and over again.

Also, upgrading the CPU doesn't necessitate a BIOS upgrade (especially given almost all newer laptops don't even use BIOS.)

I didn't say anything about the motherboard, I'm referring to other parts. Intel and AMD both have specs for CPU pinouts, and you'll commonly find LCD panels that work with more than one brand or model of laptop.

Not that I'm trying to put you down, but best buy doesn't exactly permit you to make most repairs that you can possibly do on laptops. I used to be in that business, and I still know people who are in it. Hell, none of the big names in PC repair even work at an A+ level, and A+ is a joke.
Dude- I'm not referring to what I do for Best Buy or Staples. They wont allow us to do CPU upgrades, BIOS flashing, etc. Very limited in regards to repairs.

I've taken apart a crap ton of laptops. I know first-hand that the OEM motherboards have very limited support for CPUs. Yes, many newer ones no longer utilize BIOS, same with desktops. Doesn't make them any less limited. The CPU may fit, doesn't mean it'll be recognized.

Video cards are almost never upgradeable due to them being integrated. Many new laptops utilize APUs or Intel's equivalent, if not a dedicated nVidia or AMD GPU that is soldered to the motherboard. What- you've seperated the GPU from the CPU on AMD's APU's and upgraded to a higher end GPU core? Or soldered a higher-end GPU to the motherboard?

You take a lot of pride in your education and experience- I understand and appreciate that. But I have a ton of first-hand experience here. And LCD panel is a completely different animal from a GPU or CPU. Not only that- thermal requirements vary greatly as well.

You're making modern laptops sound as though you can swap parts as easily as you could with a desktop. That is far from the case.
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