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Default Re: iOS 6 Confirmed for WWDC

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Dude- I'm not referring to what I do for Best Buy or Staples. They wont allow us to do CPU upgrades, BIOS flashing, etc. Very limited in regards to repairs.

I've taken apart a crap ton of laptops. I know first-hand that the OEM motherboards have very limited support for CPUs. Yes, many newer ones no longer utilize BIOS, same with desktops. Doesn't make them any less limited. The CPU may fit, doesn't mean it'll be recognized.
UEFI is a lot more flexible than BIOS. Haven't you noticed how UEFI boards don't go through POST? In fact one of the basic design principles behind intel's original EFI spec (which UEFI is derived from) is that it will run on pretty much any CPU you can throw at it because the DXE isn't dependent upon timings, rather that actually sits upon another abstraction layer that is coded for the overall CPU architecture.

Now that's not to say that jumping from say Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge would work, but upgrading to a CPU that has more cores, cache, or clock is typically going to be a lot easier than with BIOS. Hell, BIOS at its core isn't even meant to run on any architecture higher than 16-bit - doing so requires some additional programming tricks, and every time CPU's became more advanced, they had to keep adding on to that mess.

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Video cards are almost never upgradeable due to them being integrated. Many new laptops utilize APUs or Intel's equivalent, if not a dedicated nVidia or AMD GPU that is soldered to the motherboard. What- you've seperated the GPU from the CPU on AMD's APU's and upgraded to a higher end GPU core? Or soldered a higher-end GPU to the motherboard?
No, although I've done many things that require that level of SMC rework.

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
You take a lot of pride in your education and experience- I understand and appreciate that. But I have a ton of first-hand experience here. And LCD panel is a completely different animal from a GPU or CPU. Not only that- thermal requirements vary greatly as well.

You're making modern laptops sound as though you can swap parts as easily as you could with a desktop. That is far from the case.
You can swap parts, but I never said that it is as easy as a desktop, nor implied it.
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