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Default Re: Bite the pillow Verizon users, they're coming in dry!

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
You can get a much better deal with another carrier if all you use it for is talking. Hell, you can get a much better deal if you use lots of data too. Boost and Virgin both do $40 a month plans for unlimited everything - that's like half of what verizon charges for their lowest tier.
Well truth be told my best friend got some kind of family plan which included 4 phones, but he only needs 3. So I'm throwing him about $30 a month to use the 4th phone. Works for me.

Might be cheaper out there but this is most convenient as I'm not the one locked into a contract. Also he's done a lot to help me in the past, I don't mind tossing $30 his way to help him and his family out.
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