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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Usually I'd say "MSI - not even for free!" but since you now have access to the complete platform and RAM is really cheap already, I say go for it
I know what you mean.

However, I've developed the opinion that at least regarding the "big name brands" they'll all perform almost the same. I say almost for a reason- I wont be over clocking and I most certainly wont be stressing the system. As such I'd imagine my experience would be comparable be it MSI, ASUS, eVGA, etc. Now, if I got into over clocking or more demanding tasks that'd stress the system more... then I may see a difference. However if I'm under utilizing my present system, how much more would I be under utilizing a system with a 3930K?

I can also pickup the Corsair R400 case free. Thing is the "free" items in their "store" change every so often. Don't know how long they'll have each item up. It costs 150,000 "points" for that mobo and I've only got about 70,000. Got a ways to go. Case is only about 40,000 and the CPU and SSD cost actual money so I wont use any points by getting those.

Dunno- I'm thinking of picking up the CPU and SSD and just holding on to both. I'll rack up as many points as I can and see what they offer this winter. By then, if I stay on top of my "learning" I could easily have in the range of 200,000+ points. They usually offer some case, cooling solution, RAM or what not in their store so I can piece together a decent new build. Gonna' take some time but- free is free.
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