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Default Re: And the people spoke...Desktop is back

No start menu still.

You know- I watched some youtube videos on 8. I may have to eat my previous words. It looks clumsy and cumbersome right now but if they can stream line it to prevent clutter or at least allow third-party applications that modify it's appearance to be more tolerable. My only concern with that is I don't want to pay for windows 8 and then have to purchase yet another program that modifies it so I can use it more easily. Seems kinda'... illogical.

Anyhow, I've yet to give it a test drive for myself. Almost don't want to until its official release. As it looks, in the not so distant future I may have a 2nd rig that I can throw windows 8 on just to dink around with. Definitely not gonna' make it my primary OS, at least not till I've used it extensively on a secondary system and can make a better judgement of my own.
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