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Default Re: The Secret World

Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal View Post
They are gonna use some updated combat mechanics and dx11 graphics for this beta weekend. Can't wait!

Btw, is it me, or does this game gives off a vtmb vibe at times? I love it
The modern setting and spooky premises is what attracts me to this game. Visuals are great (but some bugs need sorting)

I am in the closed beta and I am encouraged. This is definitely more than a lil different from other MMOs but in the end it is still an XP grind fest. Just the way they have done it is different, dunno if it is innovative but, some quests require you to think outside the game etc

Performance wise is the same as Age of Conan. I am told that the horizontal grind is worth at the end when you unlock the big specializations/skills.

The crafting system is also a little intriguing. You have to learn by trial and error to get the best out in terms of uniques I have been told. Nothing complicated but, you dont get receipes etc. You learn by undoing what is there and then, adding your own spices (so to speak) to the mix, and you may get a Vindaloo or a wet biscuit. Be sure to have a notepad handy to write down all you can experiment with.
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