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Default Re: (Lazygamer) CNN predicting the death of consoles

the point of cloud gaming is that the box under your TV becomes irrelevant. The same box could theoretically plug into any network and play games from Sony, MS or other. Remember after all that for the 1st quarter of a console life, the manufacturer loses money. Switching to cloud gaming eliminates that and also allows lots of nice things for the publisher:
- total control. No more hack or even used market.
- gaming as a service. They can finally charge that monthly fee...
- gradual improvement. You can improve graphics or computing ability continually
- cheap box under the TV.
- full backward compatibility
- tack on other services. The console is just the way to get the box under the TV, then place as many services as possible on it. After all, this was always the real reason they fought for it: being the gate keeper for all your living room services.

downside? competition may open up. Online already sells such a box that can display 720p on a TV through HDMI to stream games from PC. They almost give it away and sell it for less than $100 at worst.
If the cable industry can get their head together for long enough, they'll realize the danger and the opportunity. Not holding my breath though...
I could see how
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