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Default Re: Heads up for anyone looking at a Z77 motherboard

I'm not really sure cmsmith. My issue was before even booting into an operating system. On the Intel board I had you could see what devices were plugged into what slots. It would show "not populated" for the tv card even though it was clearly in the slot. I'm under the assumption there is a bit more going on with it than simply the software.

From what I'm reading it might just be a software solution now, but a quote from Anandtech shows there is something done on the BIOS.

"There is also an issue of licensing. Lucid MVP is a licensed bit of software, requiring motherboard manufacturers to write specific BIOS code in order for it to work."

So maybe lucid is not to blame for this cause and it's just either another defect on those boards or it has something to do with the BIOS tweaks they needed to make. If your not using a tuner card than I really wouldn't worry too much about buying a board with it.
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