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Lightbulb Re: Sony Admits Cloud is 'Absolutely Inevitable', is 'Considering How This Can

After reading this article, I'm convinced Sony was caught with their pants down. It may already be too late for them to adapt, which means they could be left in the dust.

Sony never adapted and needed to repackage the PS4 as a cloud gaming device.

Sony couldn't purchase GAIKIA because they are not for sale. Sony could have partnered with GAIKIA, but Samsung did.

Consumers will be using TVs to game on NVIDIA's GeForce GRID and their latest Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) instead of the already outdated hardware on the PS4.

But content is king and that's why Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will continue to be relevant in the "console" gaming industry.

Update: I've been discussing cloud gaming with Sebastian Moss, Managing Editor for PlayStation LifeStyle. Great guy and be sure to check out his recent article Console Killers.
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