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Default Re: Bite the pillow Verizon users, they're coming in dry!

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
Do you like sprint I am thinking about changing.
Not particularly, but they are cheap.

I'm tempted to jump ship to t-mobile but I'm on a family plan so it's not as simple as dropping the contract (which I know how to do for free.)

With t-mobile you get X amount of data at 4g speed, then after that it slows to 2g til the next billing period. It's not like verizon or at&t where you hit a hard cap and then they bump your price up by another $20 for that month. Plus that bandwidth you buy is for each phone, it's not shared on the whole plan like verizon is.

They also use HSPA+ instead of LTE which gets MUCH better battery life, albeit a tad slower (we're talking maybe 10% slower...but you're likely to see above 20mbit most of the time anyways, so who cares? You have a massive gain in battery life compared to LTE.)

T-mobile also has a vastly larger 4g coverage than sprint, and slightly larger than verizon and at&t.
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