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Lightbulb Re: (Kotaku) Do We Really Need Video Game Consoles Anymore? [Speak Up On Kotaku]

Please, not again MikeC. Give me a break!!

But if I say it enough, maybe some people will start to listen.

We Still Don't Get It...

I like my PC too, but at some point in the future I'll be playing the latest games on outdated hardware and will need to spend money to upgrade or buy/build a new PC.

Let's conserve the natural resources on planet Earth and save some money by ditching our consoles and PCs for gaming. The future of gaming will be through "smart" televisions (like Samsung), that's loaded with software from a Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS) operator (like GAIKAI) with a back-end powered by cloud computers (like NVIDIA's GeForce GRID). Best of all, gamers will always be playing using NVIDIA's latest and greatest hardware design.
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