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Default Re: nvidia: RT @NVIDIAGeForce: Here are the first pics from the NVIDIA Gaming Festiva

Switch to Twitch TV -

NVIDIA's looking out for PC Gamers!!! Advanced use of DX11.World's most advanced GPU. Your weapon of choice. 680 a month ago. Kepler. German scientist!!! He's an amazaing astronomer.

Nature is ultimately efficient, Kepler is energy efficient! 1500 processor cores. new aa, adaptive vsync, gpu boost.

3x energy efficient as the 580. Epic's Smaritan demo. 3 580's - 730 watts, 1 680 - 195 watts at same frame rate in 1 years time!

Incredible geometry detailed, wet surfaces wet shaders, shadows on reflections, tessellation, lens effects, etc. Just listening, not watching yet

Want new dawn demo now! Please?

PC scacles from laptop to 3 way sli/ PC is vibrancy of amazing technology, but mind numbing tech for developers.

How daunting? Extremely! Lost of testing too for NVIDIA and their drivers!

Custom settings for PC. Scalable to different users and complicated for end user. Not like a refrigerator!

Jen-Hsun Hitting the nail on the head. Finally!

New project 5 years in making - dedicated engineers at NVIDIA - GeForce Experience - 1 - PCs are connected with GeForce supercomputer!

HPC baby!

2 - interface to connect ot the cloud driver and settings optimized for that game through discovery!

Holy cow!

SET IT AND FORGET IT! Like the Ronco commercial

Damn I havent type this fast in a long time!

Benchmarking, and screenshot comparisons, advanced users - need to override setting.

Mech combat game free to play - didn't get the name...

We demand PHYSICS! I dropped it in college...LOL.

Game demos... Crytek (Crysis) is here! The CEO. Bleeding edge. Work closely with NVIDIA. Remember Dinosaur Isle? I do

Still listening...

Will savor the video tomorrow. I'm stoked!

Describing Crysis 3... Huge amount of detail through tesselation. Describing advanced next-gen shading.

Realism is all about the lighting. Really.

Success counts on parners like NVIDIA and their engineers. Team effort. You can dowload the SDK for free and play with it!

Brand new franchise - Warface. Free to play later this year!

Another surprise - Crysis - most advanced PC shooter, IP will be released?

Taking it to the next level. i heard KICK-ASS. THAT'S GOOD! Still listening, but I'm going nuts.

NVIDIA CEO - OMG! Thank you my friend (to Crytek CEO).


The GeForce GTX 690!!!


See, NVIDIA listens to their customers!

Describing 690 tech. Bells and whistles.

I want one today! Damn, I'm in Virginia.

Should have dug a hole to CHina!

Damn, that was really fun!

Update - Changed Switch TV to Twitch TV.
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