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Post The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for remembering bugs of games past. The one where snakes couldn't bite you if you were laying down. The one where, out of nowhere, you got a jeep, driven by a man in a red beret. Those were good bugs. Sigh. Anyway, there's a lot of other things going on in videogames. Let's have a look at some of those.
  • Simon Parkin's The Rise and Collapse of Yoshinori Ono is essential reading: 'But Ono is a far smarter man than the scattershot front might suggest. Despite his relatively high position within the company, these outrageous attacks on his employer are too sustained and calculated to be a momentary lapse in judgement and, while he is clearly angry for having worked himself into hospital, there's a smile and quickness behind the eyes that suggests he is fully in control of all he's saying. He clearly takes pleasure in his irreverence, even if there is a genuine seed of resentment at its core.' (moreā?¦)

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