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Default Re: DayZ mod for ARMA II

Update v1.7.1 of days mod is out.

Developer's Note:
* Requires ArmA2 Beta.
* Raytracing doesn't work so well inside some buildings at the moment so interiors will ignore raytracing
* Infected sprinting animation not included yet
* On respawn, your flashlight spawns in your BACKPACK. I did this because nothing would have said NOOB more than all the new players running around in the day with torches with no idea what the **** to do.

* [FIXED] Wire Spools, Toolboxes, hedgehog (tank trap) kits not spawning
* [FIXED] Bodies still being deleted too quickly sometimes
* [FIXED] No backpacks or medical boxes spawning
* [FIXED] "No Speaker..." debug report spam
* [FIXED] Infected spawning too close to players (minimum 30m now)
* [FIXED] Infected not spawning inside buildings any more
* [FIXED] General Server Script Errors (big thanks to Dwarden for fixing these!)
* [FIXED] Loot/Infected spawning time delay desync'ing with server
* [NEW] Infected can't attack through walls
* [NEW] Infected can't see through objects any more
* [NEW] Infected visibility increased (but limited by LOS)
* [NEW] Infected attack range increased (but limited by LOS)
* [NEW] Infected can cause greater damage when they hit you
* [NEW] You can hide from an infected chasing you
* [NEW] Optimized server cleanup routine
* [NEW] Player body exists for five seconds after disconnect (UNCONFIRMED IF WORKING)
* [NEW] Infected see based on eye direction, not on body direction as before
* [NEW] 30Rnd_545x39_AK added to loot table
* [NEW] More infected attack animations
* [NEW] More infected feeding animations
* [NEW] Replaced monkey infected crawing run animation
* [NEW] Heartbeat when cursor on a player with very low humanity (heart beats faster the lower it is)
* [NEW] Humanity GUI indicator removed
* [NEW] New Infected and Action sound effects (more AWESOME stuff by Michael Manning)
* [NEW] Initial version of double-barreled shotgun added (by Artyom)
* [FIXED] CZ550 spawning far too often in farms
* [FIXED] Winchester decreased spawnrate (% given to double barrel shotty)
* [NEW] Recombine shotgun rounds between 2 and 8 rounds
* [NEW] Recombine 45ACP rounds between M1911 and Revolver rounds
* [FIXED] Tent placement is completely screwed (now can place anywhere except in building)
* [FIXED] Items for Eating and Drinking not removed instantly (allowed some duping)
* [NEW] DayZ: Now with additional cruelty! Spawn with only a bandage, painkillers, and a torch.
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